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  • Securities Litigation

    Securities Litigation

    The London Stock Exchange, with more than 2,000 listed global companies and a market capitalization of around £6 trillion, is one of the world’s largest stock exchanges. Even for the savviest investors, playing the market is inherently risky. But when shareholders lose money from a stock due to corporate malfeasance—rather than simple market fluctuations—they may […]
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  • Financial Product Mis-selling

    Financial Product Mis-selling

    Financial products such as investments, insurance, and savings accounts, as well as more complex products like interest rate hedging products, can help individuals and businesses grow and protect their assets. The institutions that sell these financial products, however, have a legal responsibility to truthfully represent them to customers, and to only sell products that are […]
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  • Data Breach

    Data Breach

    The world’s most valuable resource isn’t oil—it’s data. In particular, YOUR data. Just like oil, the right to extract personal data is heavily regulated. Almost every interaction you have with any organisation involves you sharing personal data such as your name, address, email address, and date of birth. You share data online, too. Every time […]
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  • Emissions Cheating

    Emissions Cheating

    In recent years, several major automakers have been caught up in emissions cheating scandals. The most notorious of these scandals—Volkswagen’s “Dieselgate”—involves around 11 million vehicles worldwide, including more than 1 million in the UK. VW has already been ordered by courts in the United States and other countries to pay compensation to affected motorists. Similar […]
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  • Competition Litigation

    Competition Litigation

    Healthy competition is essential to drive innovation, produce better outcomes for consumers and fuel economic growth. Competition law seeks to curb practices that undermine or restrict competition to the detriment of consumers. Competition law infringements include abuses of dominant market positions by companies and anti-competitive agreements between companies.
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