About us

The team at Milberg London are consistently innovative, strategic and thorough in everything they do. I’ve no doubt they will bring the same diligent and commercial approach to this exciting new venture.

Milberg London LLP is a new type of independent law firm focused exclusively on claimant litigation. Run by a team of exceptional lawyers and supported by its claim aggregation affiliate Milberg Limited, Milberg London is uniquely placed to handle cases on behalf of claimant groups against large corporate defendants.

The Milberg London team has a long track record of fighting tirelessly for the underdog and using every available legal option to hold wrongdoing corporations to account. Their solicitors have run some of the largest, most complex, and high profile disputes, including the ground breaking multi-billion pound representative action on behalf of 4.4 million iPhone users against Google.

Milberg London specialises in group litigation on behalf of claimants in the areas of:

  • Data Breaches
  • Securities Litigation
  • Financial Products Mis-selling
  • Emissions Cheating
Group litigation is similar to what American lawyers call a “class action lawsuit.” By signing up for a group litigation with Milberg London, consumers can bring small claims against big companies. Group litigation offers strength in numbers for claimants and lower legal costs for those who join together.
Without this co-operation, such claims would go unanswered, and defendants would be free to disregard consumers’ rights—including their right to compensation.

Milberg London is affiliated with the US firm Milberg Phillips Grossman LLP (“Milberg”). Since Milberg’s founding more than five decades ago, the firm has repeatedly taken the lead in landmark cases that have set ground-breaking legal precedents and recovered more than $50 billion in the US. Milberg London hopes to replicate that sort of success in the UK and help to keep corporations honest and compliant.

With a commercial pedigree forged in the biggest cases at the biggest firms, one of the UK’s largest client onboarding centres dedicated to fast and efficient engagement of new clients, and the support of our stateside affiliates, big corporate defendants are forced to take our claims seriously. But more importantly, the Milberg London team care about promoting access to justice and minimising the hassle and stress of the legal process for their clients.