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Our group actions attract world-wide attention from the media, leading newspapers and specialist publications.

Apogee Action Group

Milberg is working with the Apogee Action Group to evaluate allegations that Apogee Corporation Limited (a photocopier and print services company owned by Hewlett Packard) has been improperly overcharging its customers.  The Action Group fears that the overcharging practices could be widespread so we are encouraging all Apogee customers to come forward with their Apogee documentation for a free evaluation of their situation.

Jaguar Land Rover You Owe Us

A new group action seeks over £3bn on behalf of Jaguar Land Rover customers who purchased cars with defective components, including diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems. Over 500,000 new car owners may be eligible to make a claim, and hundreds of thousands of additional pre-owned car owners may also have claims. If the case is successful, claimants could receive between £3,000 and £16,000 each in compensation.

PlayStation You Owe Us

We believe that PlayStation occupies a dominant position in relation to the digital distribution of PlayStation games and in-game content and that it has been unfairly charging its UK customers too much for digital games and in-game content purchased through the PlayStation Store.

Mercedes Pay Up

More than 600,000 Mercedes drivers could be due compensation because we believe Mercedes installed special software (known as a ‘defeat device’) in certain Diesel vehicles to cheat emissions tests.

Vauxhall Pay Up

More than a million Vauxhall drivers in the UK could be due compensation according to a new legal action launched by Milberg London LLP which claims the car company installed software (or a ‘defeat device’) on 600,000 vehicles to cheat emissions tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Milberg London team has a long track record of fighting tirelessly for the underdog and using every available legal option to hold wrongdoing corporations to account.

We are at the forefront of group action law and practice and instructed in some of the most significant multiparty cases ever to be heard before the courts in this jurisdiction. Uniquely in the legal market, we have in-house scientific expertise such that we are leading both the legal analysis and the expert evidence in relation to two core Dieselgate group actions:

Our market-leading legal team regularly goes toe to toe with major corporate defendants and their immense war chests. We make them take our claims seriously.

We can backup this up with our commercial pedigree having been forged in the biggest cases at the biggest firms, as well as having one of the UK’s largest client onboarding centres for fast and efficient engagement of new clients, and the support of our stateside affiliates. But more importantly, the Milberg London team care about promoting access to justice and work hard to minimise the hassle and stress of the legal process for their clients.

In 2015/16, representatives of the VW group admitted to installing defeat devices in certain diesel cars that were designed to reduce emissions levels in a regulatory test environment. Without passing these tests, the cars would not have been cleared to drive on UK roads. 

The software appears to have identified when the engine was operating under regulatory test conditions and reduced the levels of pollutants being pumped out, so it passed the test. But this kind of environmental performance could never be replicated under real life driving conditions.

We believe the defeat devices Mercedes and Vauxhall created are different in their details to what Volkswagen used but the effect (and we say, clearly the intention) was broadly the same.

Our eligibility checker will ask you for your vehicle registration number and give you a free assessment there and then. If we believe your vehicle is affected, you will be asked for further information about the car and how you acquired it. We will also ask for your contact details so the client care team can get in touch and formally on-board you as a client.

Please note we are no longer on-boarding clients for our VW and Vauxhall claims. If, however, you have signed up previously, please get in touch as we may need more information from you to progress your claim.

Via a Group Litigation Order (or ‘GLO’). A GLO is a procedural mechanism that allows lots of claims with “common or related issues” of fact and/or law to be managed together as one case. Whilst parties can apply for a GLO to be made, it is up to the Court whether that is the most appropriate way to manage the claim.

For more information on how we manage your claim visit the FAQ sections for your case:

Please get in touch with our client care team!

Address: Milberg Ltd, 4 Flag Business Exchange, Vicarage Farm Road, Peterborough, England, PE1 5TX 

Phone: 020 3824 6541 

Email: [email protected] 

You can also find out more information about our emissions cases at the links below: 

We communicate with our clients using a number of different methods to make sure we reach people in a way that works for them. That means from time to time, our clients may receive letters through the post, phone calls, texts and/or emails.

If you are unsure, please feel free to contact our client care team and double check what you’ve received.

You can also check our credentials by clicking on the links below:

We believe each emissions claim is worth thousands of pounds and our clients will receive a meaningful payment if we win.

The final figure will depend on a range of factors including how much you paid for your car and how much harm the Court determines the defendant caused by its behaviour. Under consumer protection law motorists could recover between 25% and 75% of the price of their vehicle depending on the severity of the misleading or aggressive practice or the difference between the market price of the product at the time of sale, and the price paid.  This could be many thousands of pounds, even for second-hand owners.

Below are some examples of pay outs in similar cases in other countries to give you an indication of what may be possible. Remember, however, that the English Courts are not bound by these decisions and will have to make their own calculation of loss for vehicle owners. 

In the US, claimants received between US$5,000 and US$10,000 from VW and between US$822.50 and US$3,290 from Mercedes.

In Spain, VW claimants were awarded €3,000 each. 

In Germany, there has been a large range of awards against VW ranging from €1,000 to tens of thousands of Euros for each claimant (against Daimler/Mercedes, awards of over €40,000 have been given).

In the Netherlands, a court declared that first-hand VW owners were entitled to €3,000 and second-hand VW owners were entitled to €1,500.

Remember, the figure of compensation you receive will be reduced by the legal costs that have been incurred (this includes our fees but also insurers, funders, Court fees, barristers and other necessary expenses).

Unfortunately, the wheels of justice turn slowly. Cases of this scale and complexity usually take a long time to conclude, our best estimate is 3 to 5 years. That is because we have to work through the English Court system and the many procedural steps required by the rules, this is the same for all law firms. However, the related VW emissions case ahead of our client groups is due to go to trial in January 2023 and the result of this should have an impact on other emissions cases.

Also, it is always possible in any litigation for the parties to reach a commercial resolution or settlement at any stage of the proceedings. Therefore, claims can settle before the full court process has come to a conclusion.

We believe we will get there in the end and be successful. We are making good progress on the case in the meantime, with lots of hard work going on behind the scenes.

We work exclusively on a no win, no fee basis.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give you a final amount for the cost of our service as this is dependent upon several factors beyond our control including the length of time the claim takes, the level of work required and how much the Court awards in damages.

We guarantee our fees and costs will never be more than 50% of your total award of compensation. You will always receive at least half of the compensation amount, even if this means we end up being out of pocket.

How our fees are calculated will depend on which fee agreement we ask you to enter into. If you would like more detail, please get in touch with our client care team.

A conditional fee agreement (or CFA) means all of Milberg London’s fees depend on the success of your individual claim. We work on a 100% CFA which means we do not receive any legal fees for the work we’ve done until the conclusion of the case and only then if it is successful.

If the case is successful, we are entitled to charge for the time we’ve spent on the case plus a success fee. The success fee is an additional amount payable for our legal services.

These fees will be deducted from your compensation. Remember, we guarantee you will always receive at least half of the compensation amount, no matter what our fees are.

A damages-based agreement (or DBA) means all of Milberg London’s fees depend on the success of your individual claim.

Under a DBA, our payment is not calculated by reference to the work done or the hourly rate but as percentage of the compensation won.

In addition, the payment we receive must be ‘net of’ recovered legal costs. So, any money the defendant pays for our legal costs will be credited back to our clients and increase the amount you receive in the end.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of steering committees in a group action. These are:

A ‘client steering committee’ which is a group of representative claimants that have authority to instruct the lawyers on behalf of the whole group. This is because it would be impossible for Milberg London to take instructions from everyone individually.

A ‘claimant firm steering committee’ which is a group of lead law firms (of which Milberg London will be one) who all have clients pursuing the same case and who work together on litigating the proceedings together.

Our legal team are working hard behind the scenes to progress your claim. We aim to provide you with regular updates every 6 to 8 weeks with developments happening in your case. We will do this via email so please make sure you check your junk/spam folders and ensure we have the right address for you.

If you have any queries in the meantime, please get in touch with our client care team.

Yes! Everything we ask for is needed to meet our professional obligations and successfully win your case, if we don’t hear from you in the long run your case may not succeed and we will have to stop representing you.

If this happens, you will lose your entitlement to any compensation.

Below is a list of the key things we ask for and why they are needed.

Agreement to our terms of business – this sets out the relationship between you, the client and us, Milberg London, your solicitors. It is important we have this paperwork in place and both sides understand the terms that govern the relationship.

ID – As a regulated law firm, whether you are an individual or a business, we are required to obtain evidence of our clients’ identity.

Date of purchase – when you bought or leased your vehicle affects what types of claims you are able to make and may also affect the level of compensation you are entitled to.

Proof of purchase – to prove to the Defendant that you are entitled to compensation, we need to verify your ownership of the vehicle in question. The best way to do this is by providing us with a copy of the sales invoice, receipt, finance or lease agreement for the car.

Unfortunately, we are no longer on-boarding clients for our Vauxhall claim.

If, however, you have signed up previously, please get in touch as we may need more information from you to progress your claim.

If you’ve owned or leased a VW, Audi, Skoda, SEAT, Mercedes and/or Vauxhall diesel vehicle in the last 10 years – you are probably eligible to join one of our groups.

Unfortunately, we are no longer on-boarding clients for our Vauxhall claim.

If, however, you have signed up previously, please get in touch as we may need more information from you to progress your claim.

Yes, absolutely. Make sure you provide us with your vehicle registration numbers for all vehicles you think may be eligible and we can bring multiple claims on your behalf.

Not quite but we are all part of the same team!

Milberg Limited, based in Peterborough, is the claims processing arm of its affiliate, Milberg London LLP. Both are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are separate legal entities.

The London law firm has a team of highly experienced commercial litigators who run the cases and battles the defendants through the Courts on your behalf.

Milberg Limited provides claim aggregation and administrative services to the London firm and that’s where our client care team operates from. They assist us with processing your individual claim and handling all communication with you.

Milberg Limited and Milberg London LLP are affiliates of Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman, PLLC, a US law firm and we all operate under the same “Milberg brand”.