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Group litigation is similar to what American lawyers call a “class action lawsuit.”

The group actions market in the UK has been on an upward trajectory in the 21st century and Milberg London’s mission is to accelerate and drive that growth. Collective actions have a unique capacity to hold corporate wrong-doers to account and re-balance power in favour of the consumer.

Group litigation offers strength in numbers for claimants and lower legal costs for those who join together. Without this co-operation, such claims would go unanswered, and defendants would be free to disregard consumers’ rights—including their right to compensation.

Invariably the corporate giants in Milberg London’s sights rely on consumer inaction to facilitate their unlawful behaviour. A group action is one of the few meaningful ways consumers can challenge that conduct for the benefit of the masses.

The Milberg London team are at the forefront of group action law and practice. We are instructed in some of the most significant multiparty cases ever to be heard before the courts in this jurisdiction. Uniquely in the legal market, we have in-house scientific expertise such that we are leading both the legal analysis and the expert evidence in relation to numerous Dieselgate group actions. Our market-leading legal team regularly goes toe to toe with major corporate defendants and their immense war chests.

Our cases shape the consumer protection landscape.

We are also founding members of the Collective Redress Lawyers Association and are mentioned in Legal 500’s assessment of the UK litigation funding market.

By litigating significant cases on behalf of our clients, we are agents of change and if you’re with Milberg – you’re a part of it!